About me

Welcome to my journey. My work is a testament to my commitment to help businesses improve their internal tooling and optimize processes.

Besides helping businesses, I'm passionate about learning new things and I enjoy hanging out with friends and family.

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Work experience

Full Stack Software Developer
The Premier League, Remote
2022 - Present

Joined the Premier League as an independent contractor. Began and am still working on a project from scratch whose goal is to group and improve multiple tools used inside the organization.

Full Stack Software Developer
Freelancer, Remote
2019 - Present

Opted to work as a freelancer to expand my knowledge and experience in web and mobile applications development. Since the begin, I have worked on 5 different projects: a radio mobile application, a blog web application, a video streaming web application, an animal shelter CMS application, web development for Adobe extensions and a backoffice to help the processes of a Portuguese surprise escapades company.

Software Developer
Glintt Global, Lisbon, Portugal
2018 - 2022

Joined this Portuguese technological company after graduating, to begin applying my knowledge in a professional environment. Started by working on several small projects: a mobile application for internal use at some refineries in Portugal; the backend that supported a mobile application for clients that used GALP fuel stations; the backend for a web application that assigned discounts to electricity and/or natural gas users in Portugal. After that, started a project that consists of a mobile application and respective website that promotes well being and positive habits in companies. Finished as the lead developer at this project.


Discover the proficiencies that allow me to help transform businesses.


Proficient in Typescript, Javascript, C#, HTML and CSS.


Experienced in working with both SQL and No-SQL databases.


Experienced in Angular and NestJS. Knowledgeable in Flutter.


Adept in using Linux, Azure DevOps, Git, JIRA and NGINX.

Cloud Platforms

Proficient in using Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean and Vultr cloud platforms.

Problem Solving

Adept in breaking down problems into smaller chunks before jumping straight to code.


Efficient at communicating with other developers, testers, product owners, clients, users, etc.

Attention to detail

Diligent in maintaining precision and quality in all work.


Quick to adapt to new design trends, technologies, and client preferences.